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SELSports is a division of SEL Environmental Ltd, a water management company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. The SELSports division has been specifically established to combine cutting edge water management systems with the highest quality sports surfacing.

We combine our precision design and quality construction experience to guide projects from concept through to completion. SELSports has built up an impressive portfolio of bespoke sports projects, including rooftop sports pitch and rooftop running track projects.

At SELSports we believe a sports pitch can be much more than just a space to play sports.

What if you could use a sports pitch to improve surrounding drainage? Typically sports facilities cover a large surface area, which can be used to improve existing drainage from surrounding areas using our innovative sports pitch drainage designs.

What if you could use a sports pitch to attenuate or harvest rainwater to irrigate and flush toilets? A sports facility is a large rainwater catchment area, which in most cases can become problematic. However, SELSports can deliver a sports pitch to attenuate high volumes of rainwater within a shallow lightweight pitch construction over a large surface area, turning a potential issue into a valuable asset.

What if you could build a sports facility on a roof?  With space at a premium in the urban environment, it is essential that we utilise what little space is left. Rooftops are a large forgotten asset with massive potential, we believe a sports facility can be the perfect use of rooftop space.

SELSports specialise in the complete design, supply and installation of a range of ground level and rooftop sports facilities incorporating cutting edge drainage systems. SELSports take care of all aspects of sports constructions by offering an all in one package solution including the sports surface, drainage, fencing, lighting, netting and bespoke ancillary components.

SELSports are currently taking sports facilities to a new level with our rooftop sports facilities. We offer a lightweight solution for rooftops, allowing us to design and construct rooftop sports pitches, rooftop running tracks, and rooftop amenity areas with proven results. We offer a wide range of surface finishes.

Synthetic Turf – Perhaps the most popular surface used in modern sports facilities. There is an extensive range of synthetic turf available, with each turf suited for a specific purpose. A shockpad can be installed directly on Permavoid followed by the synthetic turf of choice. This surface supports a wide range of sports including, football, rugby, hockey, and tennis.

Polymeric Surface – Recognised and recommended by sport England as the chosen surface for running tracks, compliant with IAAF standards. Typically, RBG is installed directly on the Permavoid subbase, followed by the wet poured ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) surface, sometimes referred to as synthetic rubber.

Resin Bound Gravel (RBG) – As an alternative to a traditional macadam surface, RBG can produce the same durability, robustness and hardness of macadam, whilst remaining fast and easy to install in logistically challenging areas. A solution chosen by SELSports for rooftop MUGA’s as these characteristics maximise ball bounce, perfect for sports such as tennis and basketball. RBG surfacing have been independently tested to Sport England Guidelines for slip resistance and permeability.

Natural Grass – A very simple but effective construction, with endless sporting uses. The natural grass can be installed directly on Permavoid with a shockpad and root zone. This creates a well-drained natural grass surface, usable all year round.

Equestrian Sand Surface – In the Equestrian sport, the moisture content of the sand fibre surface is critical. The ability to install equestrian surfacing directly on Permavoid allows the surface to be well irrigated, maintaining the optimum moisture content without flooding.

For more information on our systems and to review some recent project case studies please visit our website at www.selsports.co.uk

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