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Senior Predicts Boost For Secondary Glazing Systems


Glazing systems designer and manufacturer Senior Architectural Systems has predicted a rise in the sales of secondary glazing systems this year, with the high performance product increasingly being specified in the hotel sector.

Due to changes in Building Regulations, Standards and Codes of Practice over the years, secondary glazing systems are increasingly being specified to improve the quality of accommodation which guests receive, especially at hotels near busy transport links such as airports and motorways.

Secondary glazing systems help guests remain undisturbed from external noise, and Senior’s systems have been specified at hotels near transport links including airports, where acoustic challenges associated with low-flying aircraft are faced. The systems can also help improve thermal performance and offer enhanced security.

Bernard Turgoose, technical services manager at Senior, said: “Installing secondary glazing systems at hotels can help to improve the acoustic performance inside the building, ensuring guests remain comfortable and uninterrupted and get a good night’s sleep. In turn, this ensures hotels remain reputable and strong in the marketplace.

“As more big build programmes are rolled out by large hotel chains over the coming years and with their performance qualities improving the environment for guests in accordance with regulations, it is likely that the demand for secondary glazing systems from budget hotels will only rise.”

For more information on Senior’s secondary glazing please visit www.seniorarchitectural.co.uk