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Vectaire Ltd’s three models in its vertical whole house heat recovery range – the Midi, Maxi and Maxi Plus – “BY-AT” models – stop chemicals and pollutants being trapped inside the home AND resolve the noise issues in central ventilation systems.

It’s common knowledge that poor indoor air quality leads to a myriad of health problems, but it’s less well known that noise pollution also affects health and behaviour.  Excess noise can cause high stress levels, tinnitus, hypertension, hearing loss, sleep disturbance, a faster decline in cognitive ability, and has an adverse effect on child development

Noise pollution has many sources, both external and internal. Typically, building to high air tightness levels can reduce external noise, but ventilation is necessary to remove pollutants and introduce fresh air. The noise from continuous ventilation systems can be as detrimental as external sources.

Vectaire’s range of “AT” acoustic MVHRs provide a high-quality ambience inside the home at the lowest noise level on the market.  They are efficient and economical to run.

They allow windows and doors to remain closed to stop, so far as is possible, both noise and air pollution coming into the home

They work continually to replace stale air and condensation with fresh, filtered air

They save energy by minimising heat loss

And they do all this at noise levels which are the quietest on the market

★ from BELOW 5 dbA
★ acoustically tested by BRE
★ INTEGRAL acoustic attenuation – no need for an additional heavy cabinet
★ quietest MVHR
★ smallest MVHR
★ lightest MVHR – from 29 to 42 kgs
★ easiest to install – no need for a cabinet – save on installation costs

Other features include:

★ easy to maintain – normal access to all functionalities

★ easy filter access – no tool required

★ complete range from 14 l/sec to 238 l/sec

★ low specific fan power (sfp)

★ exceptional thermal efficiency

★ summer bypass and frost-protection

★ easy commissioning via     touch screen

Vectaire offers a design service to ensure units are installed in the best possible way to provide efficient, effective, low energy and very economic ventilation; Vectaire can organise installation, commissioning and maintenance of these products and can supply all necessary accessories.  Products are SAP PCDB Listed and manufactured in our own factory in the UK to ISO 9001.

Vectaire’s range of in-line MVHRs include the EVO250, the EVO90, the EVO350, the STUDIO and the MINI.  All these models are easy to install in homes, offices and multi-occupancy establishments.  As with all Vectaire products, they provide the right sort of ventilation for the job.

Tel:  01494 522333
Fax:  01494 522337
Email:  sales@vectaire.co.uk
Web:  www.vectaire.co.uk

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