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3M DI NOC Architectural Films revitalise washed out bathrooms


The washed out bathrooms of a busy office block have been given a fresh lease of life thanks to 3M DI NOC Architectural Films.

Ideal for refreshing and refurbishing buildings, DI-NOC finishes have been used to update a five-storey shared office block washrooms, in a major refurbishment programme implemented by Portsmouth-based Wrapt.

Developed by 3M as a cost-effective design solution for interior and exterior new building construction and/or refurbishment projects, around 400 metres of DI-NOC was required for the project, to transform the out of date, tired looking, washrooms with minimal disruption for the tenants.

“One of the main issues was the amount of tiles in the washrooms and to go about covering them,” said Ben Morris, owner of Wrapt Ltd.

“The tenants also wanted minimal disruption, so we could only shut one washroom down at a time, while also having to work alongside other trades who replaced sinks, toilets, lighting, ceilings and flooring.

“Using 3M DI-NOC allowed us to give our client the concrete effect walls they were after, with minimal disruption to the everyday lives of the tenants, while saving time and money in the process.”

DI-NOC finishes feature 3M Comply air release channels in the adhesive for easier fitting and a professional finish. They also provide a powerful bond to almost any substrate. DI-NOC finishes are available in hundreds of patterns and finishes, resembling natural materials and other types of surfaces including various woods, metal, marble, leather, carbon fibre and stucco.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, DI-NOC finishes conform to European fire safety regulations (Class A flammability rating and Class B on some designs). They have also been tested to ensure full compliance to IMO flammability requirements for marine applications. DI-NOC finishes have a 12-year internal and 5-year external warranty but can be removed easily when future changes or upgrades are required. Ideal applications include service counters, furniture, doors, partitions, columns, elevators, ceilings and walls.

Ben continued: “We were very pleased with the overall finish, in fact we have secured ongoing projects with a number of new clients on the strength and results of this project.”

DI-NOC films are available from Architextural, part of the William Smith Group 1832, as full and part rolls by the metre to suit all project requirements. For more information, sample requests or to download the latest pattern book visit www.architextural.co.uk

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