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A Proctor insulating Wells o’Wearie, Edinburgh


Working in conjunction with Historic Scotland and the Energy Savings Trust, the A. Proctor Group supplied Spacetherm Aerogel to a number of refurbishment projects which were undergoing fabric improvement for energy effiency in traditional buildings. Spacetherm can be supplied on its own and cut to size or laminated to a number of facings to suit your individual requirements.

The Wells o’Wearie Cottage in Edinburgh is a small single storey detached building dating from the early 19th century, with an addition to the east dating from c. 1880, and is Category ‘B’ listed.

In this project a 10mm Spacetherm aerogel blanket was used, secured to the wall behind an expanded mesh sheet and fastened with thermally de-coupled fixings. To allow proper coverage of the wall, the skirting boards and facings were removed and two coats of renovating plaster were then applied to finish.

Proctor2The ongoing issue of hard – to – treat walls in the UK can be overcome utilising Spacetherm – an ultra – thin insulation for thermal upgrades, saving valuable space without altering the exterior fabric of the building. Its remarkable performance is achieved through the use of flexible aerogel blankets. The insulation used in Spacetherm is material derived from silica gel.

For further information related to the A. Proctor Group’s range of thermal insulation, or any of their other product ranges, please visit www.proctorgroup.com