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New Building Development

Aquobex announces plans for its new Aquobex Resilient Property™ to be built at BRE


Aquobex, a leading supplier of consultancy and products for property flood resilience, has announced that it will be building a new flood resilient property at BRE, Garston. The house, which has been designed by leading architectural firm Baca, will incorporate some of the latest solutions for keeping flood water out of properties as well as many cutting edge solutions that can be utilised in interior fit-out to minimise the damage and disruption should flood water enter a property.

John Alexander, Managing Director, Aquobex, said;

“We are delighted to have the chance to develop this property at BRE, which is as the forefront of showcasing new approaches and technologies in the construction market. Flooding is an ever increasing risk for many as a result of both climate changes and urban development. By showcasing some of the relatively simple measures that can be incorporated into both new built and retrofit projects we hope to encourage both designers and builders to think about incorporating flood resilience measures wherever possible.”

Featuring flood protection products from a range of suppliers, the Aquobex Resilient Property™ will showcase some of the latest innovative materials including nanoShell, Dragonboard, Sealwise and cavity wall insulation. The live demonstration building, which is due for completion in the summer of 2014, will highlight the deficiencies of some current building material and convey the effectiveness of flood doors and barriers, flood resistance interiors, sewer maintenance and FOG (fats, oil and grease) prevention. The Aquobex team will also showcase their expertise in rainwater harvesting and SUDs (sustainable urban drainage systems).

Sponsorship Opportunities

Aquobex2The Aquobex Resilient Property™ is still at the design stage and the company is keen to encourage other businesses and organisations with specialist knowledge in this area to get involved as a sponsor. “In addition to having their name associated with this exciting project, sponsor companies will be able to use the house for their own sales and marketing events and activities,” explained Alexander. Anyone interested in finding out more about getting involved should contact John Alexander on 01923 518582 13 or email him direct on john.alexander@aquobex.com


Aquobex3Aquobex has been formed by John Alexander from Revetment an established specialist flood protection company and Gavin George, one of the country’s leading experts on flood protection solutions. Based at the Building Research Establishment (BRE) at Garston in Hertfordshire, Aquobex specialises in forming and integrating solutions to mitigate flood risk. The company provides services and products supported by extensive expertise and experience in this specialist market. The company’s view is that any solution to flood risk should meet the following criteria namely, it should be accredited, guaranteed, independent and insurable. This means that the prevalent insurance issues as well as the flood risk can be managed and mitigated.

For more information on Aquobex please visit www.aquobex.com