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Accessible Ethos 


The specialist engineers and designers of what is now known as Lyfthaus were first approached by architects for tailor made disabled access platform lifts almost a decade ago.  Their reputation as custom producers of lifts for the industrial sector had reached a select group of city architects who hoped to stretch the engineer’s skill set into this new, exciting area. Switching from lifting palletised loads to people.  Moreover, they wanted platform lifts for locations which until now were deemed unsuitable for mechanical assistance.  Planning and architectural restrictions meant that settings such as listed and ancient churches, cathedrals, castles, stately homes, and many fine heritage buildings struggled to provide access appropriate for their architectural landscape. As one architect explained to the company founders, “please, no more beige plastic boxes in beautiful buildings”. These stunning sites needed to be accessible so they could be visited and enjoyed by all but did not want ugly, intimidating lifting machines that distract and divert attention from the very reason people wanted to visit these spectacular architectural gems in the first place.

Since this time, the need for disabled access platform lifts that complement and indeed enhance the built environment has been the Lyfthaus cornerstone. The foundations on which Lyfthaus has developed and become the UK’s go-to company for bespoke, architectural platform lifts for buildings of special heritage importance.

Today the Lyfthaus accessible ethos continues. To create individual platform lifts that are as unique as the buildings in which they are installed.  Integrated solutions that are safe and easy to use by all but are inspired by their surrounding architecture, interior styling, and landscape.

Lyfthaus design and manufacture platform lifts in a huge choice of styles, configurations, finishes and materials. Timber, bronze, brass, glass and cast metals to name a few.  They match design accents taken from site; each lift must dissolve into its historic architectural backdrop.  They must be a joy to ride and reflect the nature and essence of the property. A vertical transport experience as creative, elegant and refined as the architectural A-lister in which it’s been integrated!

Darren Papani, Lyfthaus Limited, Steeple Bumpstead, Cambridge, CB9 7BN.

T. 01440 731111  darren@lyfthaus.com



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