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Addagrip – Terraco’s Resin-Bound solutions


“Experience the pinnacle of sophistication and durability with Addagrip Terraco’s Resin-Bound solutions. These recent installations, a testament to precision craftsmanship, showcase the seamless fusion of aesthetics and functionality made possible by Addagrip’s resin products.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Resin-Bound and Resin-Bonded surfaces transform ordinary spaces into works of art. Not only are our permeable surfaces aesthetically pleasing, but they are also SuDS compliant.

SuDS techniques focus on mimicking natural drainage processes by allowing water to be stored, absorbed, and filtered within the landscape. This approach contrasts with traditional drainage systems that often funnel water directly into sewers, potentially causing flooding and pollution during heavy rainfall.

Addagrip’s range of products stands out for their exceptional SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) compliance, exemplifying the company’s commitment to environmentally responsible solutions. By integrating their innovative resin-bound and resin-bonded surfaces into various projects, Addagrip ensures effective water management while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

These surfaces not only offer reliable permeability but also contribute to reducing the risk of flooding and pollution, aligning perfectly with SuDS principles. With Addagrip’s products, projects can achieve both stunning visual outcomes and sustainable water management, making them a top choice for environmentally conscious designs.

Explore the diverse palette of colours, textures, and customisable designs that Addagrip Terraco offers. Elevate your projects with surfaces that transcend the ordinary and create lasting impressions.

For architectural surfaces that exemplify excellence, turn to Addagrip Terraco’s resin solutions.”

Contact details:
– 01825 761 333