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Air Purification Systems from DDC Dolphin


UVMATIC® air purification units are the latest in DDC Dolphin’s range of infection control products.

The UVMATIC® and UVMATIC® Plus are the perfect solution, removing harmful bacteria on hard surfaces and in the air, and eliminating odour.  Completely automated and chemical free, the UVMATIC® and UVMATIC® Plus draw in polluted air and treats it using UV light and photocatalytic oxidation.  This powerful but eco-friendly technology doesn’t merely filter out micro-organisms – it destroys them!

Proven to destroy viruses such as influenza and coronavirus as well as E.coli, salmonella and similar bacteria, the UVMATIC® and UVMATIC® Plus are highly effective in removing unpleasant smells, killing bacteria that cause malodours, and improving hygiene, leaving rooms smelling fresh and clean.

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