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Airflow is BIM Ready


Leading ventilation solutions manufacturer, Airflow Developments Ltd, is now BIM Level 2 ready. BIM (Building Information Modelling) was a natural progression for the company to further improve collaboration with installers, given the Government’s aim for all centrally procured construction projects to be delivered using BIM by 2016.

BIM offers the opportunity to reduce costs and improve delivery of projects by allowing a virtual model to be created before real installation begins. Airflow is able to supply the actual components in a format that can be placed in the virtual building, meeting with BIM level compliance, which is a requirement of the Government’s BIM Strategy Paper.

BIM enables users to design, analyse and manage a project at each stage of a build. The architect creates the initial 3D model of the building but all participants are equally involved, able to add their own components, drawings and data. This allows for collaboration throughout the design process and requires a sharing of knowledge and information, as well as including factors like time and cost. As the project develops and areas of the building change, so does the design, allowing for the changes to be transparent to all the relevant parties.

Airflow’s drawing team work with the industry standard Revit software and are well equipped to develop BIM models specific to project requirements. A dedicated design and specification team are also on-hand, using their expertise to assist customers with solutions to meet their individual requirements.

“We strive to keep ahead of the latest trends in the industry,” commented John Kelly, Marketing Manager at Airflow Developments Ltd. “We are proud to be able to offer our customers the very latest in design technology. Our customers will now have the opportunity to incorporate ventilation at the design stage and then see how the project progresses. This will also enable them to make changes at an earlier stage and ensure they get the most out of the process as a result.”

For more information on Airflows BIM capability visit: https://www.airflow.com/BIM

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