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Energy Saving Heating & Ventilation

Airflow Makes New Passive House Additions To Its Domestic Heat Recovery Range


Airflow Developments Ltd has extended its range of Passive House certified heat recovery units with the launch of the Duplexvent DV110SE; and upgraded its Duplexvent DV50 and DV80 heat recovery units to offer even more energy saving benefits.

The new DV110SE utilises state-of-the-art technology, with a patented ‘winter function’ that protects against frost without any performance reduction. Plus, its highly efficient EC motor technology ensures long life and lowest possible energy use, thus reducing energy consumption and the carbon footprint of the building.

All units now also boast an automatic by-pass facility that isolates the heat recovery function in response to an increase in the outside temperature, helping to effectively cool the inside air during the summer months and negating the need for expensive air conditioning units.

Airflow2To ensure a clean, hygienic indoor atmosphere is maintained at all times, standard G4 and high grade F7 supply air filters are also provided together with a G4 exhaust air filter. This unique Triple Filter Design provides additional protection against invisible, harmful particles and creates an ultra hygienic environment, particularly relevant for those suffering from asthma or other respiratory conditions.

The flat Duplexvent DV50 and DV80 units are suitable for both horizontal and ceiling suspended installation in the roof or void space, creating a space-saving solution for specifiers. The units can also be easily integrated into the structure of a building e.g. above an entry door, so routine maintenance can be performed from the outside, making them ideal for social housing applications.

“We’re delighted to be extending our Passive House certified range of domestic heat recovery units,“ commented John Kelly, Marketing Manager at Airflow. “The units are not only designed to achieve the most comfortable living environment possible, but to deliver additional energy and cost savings too.”