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Landscaping Stonework

All Weather Jointing Mortar for Natural Stone Paving


This driveway was designed with concentric circles of Black Limestone and Raj Green Sandstone setts surrounded by Indian Sandstone slabs, with an edge band of the same black setts. The paving was all pointed using GftK’s vdw 800, the unique epoxy resin bound sand, paving jointing mortar from NCC Streetscape.

The vdw 800 jointing material was selected to accommodate regular large 4×4 traffic and visiting delivery vehicles up to 20 Tonnes; plus the jointing work had to be completed to enable access to the property, without delays due to the cold, wet and damp weather that was forecast.

Vdw 800 is applied on to pre-dampened surfaces and rinsed with additional water; therefore it is not necessary to wait for areas to dry out after wet and rainy weather. It is easily slurry applied using a squeegee and self-compacts into the joints, and then the surface is simply rinsed brushed off – job done.