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Safety & Security

Mini Vault Safe Range From Securikey Offers Robust Security Solution


Securikey, a leading supplier of physical security products, has enhanced its best-selling Mini Vault range of freestanding safes. Offering a highly reliable and robust security solution for safekeeping valuables such as cash, documents and electronic tablets, Mini Vault safes are the ideal choice for a range of commercial and domestic applications including hotel rooms, offices and homes.

There are two Mini Vault ranges available to meet a variety of needs; the Mini Vault Silver and the Mini Vault Gold Fire Resistant. Both ranges are manufactured in a choice of three sizes and are incredibly hard wearing, with an 8mm anti-bludgeon door that is laser-cut to fit flush to the sides of the safe and is also mounted on concealed hinges, to prevent prying and chisel attack. 25mm locking bolts keep the door securely closed and hardened steel plates are built into the design of each safe to protect all vulnerable areas. Reversible shelves are an added feature, with a thick felt finish on one side to allow for storage of delicate items such as jewellery, watches and electronic tablets.

The Mini Vault Silver range has been specifically designed for the safekeeping of cash and valuables. Manufactured with a 4mm body, these models incorporate felt-lined walls, a thick foam base pad and battery operated motion-sensitive internal light. In order to ensure easy installation within suitable items of furniture, such as hotel wardrobes, fixing options are available on the back and bottom of each safe.

For those seeking additional fire protection, such as for the safekeeping of documents, the Mini Vault Gold Fire Resistant model is the ideal choice. Manufactured using many of the specialist techniques used in the construction of the Mini Vault Silver range, the Mini Vault Gold FR model offers the additional benefit of double walled construction using a fire resistant barrier material to meet standard DIN 4102. As well as offering fire protection for 30 minutes at temperatures of up to 750°C, this extra protection also gives this range a higher cash rating.

As with all Securikey safes, each model in the Mini Vault range is fitted with a robust key-lock as standard with additional locking systems readily available to cater for individual requirements. Securikey’s Electronic Lock -EDL is a high quality option, featuring selectable code lengths from 4-14 digits, up to 2 user codes, anti-tamper lockout feature and a low battery warning. A premium alternative is the Wittkopp Primor 2000 locking system, which offers a range of enhanced features including 6 digit code length, up to 2 user codes, optional timed delay opening and ‘wrong try’ penalty time out and lock out functions.

Programming instructions are included for each lock and can also be found online at securikey.co.uk under ‘Help & Support’, where customers can download these as well as have access to a series of detailed, informative videos about the entire Mini Vault range and the different locking options available.

The comprehensive range of Securikey products encompasses cash safes, fire safes, key control systems, padlocks, personal security items, convex mirrors and digital door locks. For more information, please contact Securikey on 01252 311888, email enquiries@securikey.co.uk or go to securikey.co.uk