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ANS Global brings Warwick car park to life


National Grid’s HQ on the outskirts of Warwick, within view of historic Warwick Castle, houses some 2,800 staff. It is operational 24 hours a day, every day of the year and is a site which controls and is critical to the power distribution infrastructure in the UK.

National Grid’s commitment to sustainability in all its undertakings has meant that a new car park on this site would always lead to something extraordinary, and with the car park now finished it has literally come alive.

The new purpose-built car park is a 446 space split level, prefabricated steel framed car park clad in and home to a living wall of 1,027sq.m, making this Europe’s largest. Designed by Cundall and One-World Design Architects, and working alongside contractors Goldbeck, ANS Global has supplied a living wall which is home to over 97,000 plants of over 20 different species.

A spokesperson at ANS Global explains: “The plant species have been selected to include predominantly native and wildlife-friendly species, the majority of which are evergreen to provide coverage all year round. The planting of the green wall incorporates Mentha which is a Mint, acting as a deterrent for wasps.

There are also plants that attract butterflies, such as Hebe pinguifolia “Pagei”, and others that provide nectar for Bees (Vinca minor “Bowles Purple”). There are also plants which provide good nesting properties and habitual protection for birds in winter and early spring such as Buxus sempervirens. We also included some fruit bearing plants such as strawberries.”

1504028. 29th April 2015. Car Park, Warwick.

The living wall is designed to add both to the ecology and biodiversity of the area but it will also flower and bloom adding colour and variety with the seasons. It is the most visible sustainability measure; others are embedded within the design and include:

  • utilising existing levels the car park has been split in cross section to minimise excavation and spoil
  • it is naturally ventilated
  • the entire building  is lit at night by low energy LED lighting
  • bird and insect boxes in the wall to attract and house wildlife
  • porous paving utilised at ground level.

To find out more about ANS Global and its living walls visit www.ansgroupglobal.com or call the office on 0845 505 5555.

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