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Architects and roofing contractors – go collaborative


A leading roofing contractor based in East Kent – A.E.M.S. Limited – is extolling the virtues of working in close collaboration with architects and project managers to deliver high quality, consistent and cost-effective results, as well as the benefits of being a member of NFRC.

Chris Whale, Managing Director of A.E.M.S. Limited – a roofing and associated building company – explains:
“Architects and project managers are key to the roofing industry, and never more so than now. With trust being a major issue amongst most clients, architects and project managers serve to provide complete reassurance that the project is being managed in a professional and most diligent manner.

“As well as reducing the stress and hassle to the client throughout the project, and ensuring a smoother and often faster process, working closely with architects and project managers also brings peace of mind. They provide valuable detailed specifications and ensure that all tenders are like for like and comparable, rather than a mismatch of clarifications.”

A recent roofing refurbishment project in Canterbury undertaken by A.E.M.S. Limited in conjunction with Logic PM – independent, construction project management advisers –illustrates the benefits of such a collaborative approach. A conservation project, the high street office building saw the replacement of an old Kent roof and inner flat roof, involving felt works, old Kent tiling, lead works and timber modifications.

By working in close liaison with Logic PM throughout the duration of the project, A.E.M.S. Limited were not only able to complete the job on time and on budget, they were able to provide the client with regular progress updates and photographs, thereby setting the tone for excellent working relationships all round.

A spokesman at Logic PM said:

“Having sourced their details from NFRC, we were delighted to work with A.E.M.S. and will have no hesitation in working with them again in the future. Our dedicated ‘hands on’ approach not only ensured that we stayed in control of the project at all times, it ensured that the project was completed to plan.”

Chris Whale also stresses the benefits of being NFRC members:

NFRC2“Architects provide a great source of tendering, and being listed on NFRC’s website not only provides contractors with greater visibility, it provides architects with reassurance of our competence and credibility. Once you start delivering jobs to a high standard and on time and budget, architects and project managers also become a great source of repeat tender opportunities.”

NFRC recently launched the ‘Think roofs – think NFRC’ campaign that aims to educate architects on the benefits that NFRC and its members can bring. As well as putting them in touch with contractors, designers and manufacturers, NFRC provides an overriding umbrella of knowledge and co-operation through the supply chain. Thanks to its resource centre, NFRC can become the first point of call for architects and specifiers for all matters roofing.

The decision to widen NFRC’s services to the architectural community is based on the ever-changing landscape of legislation for roofing and the pivotal role that architects and specifiers play in the design and specification of roofs and roofing materials.