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Armstrong Ceilings gets tactile with textiles


Leading interior solutions provider Armstrong Ceilings has taken architectural creativity to new heights with the launch of a range of stunning fabric canopies.
armstrongLightweight and versatile, the range comprises four frameless (Y) shapes, where the canopy membrane is tensioned by clear tensile cables from elected points on the soffit or walls, and a three-dimensional diamond which is braced (X) on a light metal frame which can be suspended in a number of different ways.

The highly elastic translucent fabric is available in seven standard colours, allowing architects and interior designers to play unconventionally with sleek and sculptural, sail-like forms and natural and artificial lighting effects in new-build and refurbishment projects alike.
The frameless range comprises triangular, square, rectangular and pentagonal shapes in up to three sizes and the braced canopy in four sizes. The bracing frame is made of curved and convex stainless steel tubes suspended by a central hanging point. Two bracing points along each of the tubes can also be used as alternative hanging points or to avoid possible rotation due to air movement in the room.

Designed especially for areas requiring particular creativity, such as atriums, public spaces and transportation hubs as well as for commercial, retail, education and healthcare projects, the fabric canopies can be quickly and easily installed and demounted for access and maintenance. This ease of installation also makes it ideal for temporary use such as exhibition facilities and peripatetic retail outlets.

The fabric can also be washed and is ventile, preventing condensation or moisture build-up in normal interior environments. It is also resistant to fire (Euroclass B-s1, d0) and relative humidity (<70%).

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