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Duvale & Hideaway beds provide innovative solutions for Sarah Beeney on Channel 4


The landing at the top of the stairs provided a small square space with a window looking out over the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside and beyond. Whilst a fixed wall would have created an extra room, the resulting upstairs corridor would have become dark and claustrophobic. In using a folding wall and a folding bed, the space could be transformed in minutes from airy office to private bedroom when family and friends came to stay.

Hideaway Beds ltd and Duvale Plc were called upon to supply some innovative solutions.
Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 23.43.35Duvale selected to manufacture and install the system ‘Forte Silencio’ in a high pressure white laminate finish with an acoustic performance of 44db. This system was also semi -automatic releasing the seals with just a press of a button.
Hideaway Beds selected a simple and cost effective wall bed system from their range. Balanced by a fully sprung mechanism and suitable for every night use, the system was tucked away into a compact cabinet at the top of the stairs; to be opened complete with bedding and pillows ready for use when required.

Introducing both these products it has created a truly Flexible and versatile space.

For more information on Duvale PLC’s Forte Silencio system please visit: https://duvale.plc.uk/products/forte_silencio/index.html

For more information on Hideaway’s Alpha Bed system please visit: https://hideaway.co.uk/

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