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Arredo3 adventure


When we began the Arredo3 adventure, we were sure about two things: that we would make kitchens and that we would do it our way. Our know-how was our starting point, but from the very outset we focused on continuous improvement – a choice that has allowed us to grow year after year.

We are now one of the major manufacturers of kitchens in Italy. Over the years, we have organised our production units with foresight, innovation and responsibility, becoming a sound company with high production.

Products and production

Kitchens, living room furniture and furnishing accessories: Arredo3 has three product lines. Kitchens are still our core business but over the years tastes have changed, encouraging us to make living room furniture and furnishing accessories, always in our own unique style.

CNC machines and smart assembly lines, assisting operators in assembling, make the production process flexible and efficient. We have an internal lacquering department, thus allowing us to speed up the finishing phase, with no need to outsource this work. Technology has allowed a shorter and prompt time-to-market: it takes about 30 days from receiving an order to delivering it. This time has been halved compared to a few years ago, with a synchronized and sequential production process, from procuring materials to delivery.Our warehouse was the first company building to be thoroughly transformed in terms of automation. We are now able to handle 8,500 batches per day thanks to the principles of lean production, which involves warehouse management playing a key role in the company’s success. America, Asia, Africa and Europe. We are present in 47 countries worldwide with a sales network that includes 8 area managers and 60 agents. Although the market in Italy is still the most important for our company, over the years we have also expanded abroad: our international history is just beginning.


Modular kitchens by Arredo3 allow you to choose from many coordinated and complete solutions. With their versatility, they can provide furnishing solutions to suit your requirements of space, your budget and user experience. Our kitchens are produced with high-quality materials and attention to details typical of “Made in Italy”, thanks to a wide choice of modern and classic kitchens that can be combined with our extensive range of finishes and compositional systems.

Modern kitchens

Dynamic and minimalist: Modern kitchens by Arredo3 reflect current tastes, interpreting them in many different ways. The strength of our kitchens is in offering solutions that are always innovative and in step with trends in style and design so that we can meet the needs of customers who grow with us every day.

Classic Kitchens

Fine details, workmanship and timeless embellishments for an elegant classic style that adapts to everyday life.

Wood frames and finishes provide an attractive, warm and reassuring look that perfectly combine with kitchens given a new classic twist.

  • Kronos: Modern kitchen
  • Zetasei: Modern Kitchen
  • Kalì: Modern Kitchen
  • Cloe: modern Kitchen
  • Asolo: Classic kitchen


  • Kronos is a sophisticated design project that combines cutting-edge technical features with fine materials to create timeless contexts. The doors in the Kronos collection feature a titanium painted aluminium frame with a laminate, HPL, Fenix-NTM®, wood, glass or Laminam panel.
  • Zetasei meets contemporary aesthetic trends. The centimetres lost by the skirting board are recovered by base units and talll units, giving the composition a more streamlined overall appearance and greater storage capacity. The low recessed skirting board is less visible, giving the optical illusion of a slight suspension. The general impact is of elegance and sophistication.
  • Kalì expresses your personality and reveals it in the kitchen, thanks to the new integrated handle and the addition of 10 new finishes, making a total of more than 39 to choose from.
  • Re-invented with new finishes and new compositions, Cloe stands out for its versatility and unexpected combination of classic and modern elements. Vintage handles or ultra-modern grip profile handles find their place on base units and wall units.
  • Meticulous details for the Asolo kitchen. Asolo is an elegant kitchen with a classic yet light style, also achieved with moldings and narrow decorative elements, showing how all our design projects pay attention to detail.
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