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AstellBio blends specialisms with Astell Scientific to create the AstellBio Sink Range.


AstellBio, the Thermal Effluent Decontamination System (EDS) manufacturer has worked cross-brand with Astell Scientific to produce the AstellBio Sink range of miniature EDS. EDS are often large devices that sterilise wastewater from sites where effluent needs decontamination before disposal (such as laboratories and animal facilities). The AstellBio Sink provides this ability on a small scale, sterilising materials that are washed into the sink with heat, then dispatching them to the sewer.

AstellBio’s Sales and Marketing Director, Paul Birchmore, commented on the release of the device – stating “The AstellBio Sink provides a great chemical-free method of sterilising liquid waste for those who don’t have the need or the room for a full-scale EDS plant. Combining Astell’s autoclave laboratory sterilisers with technology from the AstellBio EDS brand has allowed us to create the AstellBio Sink & Autoclave Combo; a truly unique sterilisation station.”

For more information on Effluent Decontamination Systems, visit AstellBio.com or contact info@astellbio.com

The Astell Scientific AstellBio Sink & Autoclave Combo features AstellBio’s Thermal EDS technology


An AstellBio EDS, designed for whole building sewage sterilisation.