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Atlantic boosts efficiency of University ring main system


University College London have installed an innovative new boiler plant in it’s Torrington Place Building. The boiler house, supplied by Atlantic Boilers of Lancashire, operates throughout the year at 95˚C flow and 75˚C return, and contributes to the UCL ring main that serves scores of buildings, large and small.

Normally these ring main temperatures do not allow condensing, but the Atlantic RT add-on condensing exchanger leads to year round efficiencies of 92-97% GCV (102-107% NCV). To maintain this, three Atlantic TRP 3-pass gas-fired boilers, rated at 700kW, pass the flue gases into the RT add-on where the gases are cooled by the combustion air volume to give condensing conditions. The warmed combustion air increases the efficiency of each burner. This system permits the combustion of gas or oil, and also B100 bio-diesel.

For the UCL ring main, the result is that the Torrington Place boiler plant can lead all other ring main plants running at 95/75˚C and raise the overall efficiency. The system was specified for the UCL Estates Department by Fowler Martin of Ingatestone and installed by Fredericks of Dartford.

For more information see www.atlanticboilers.com or email info@atlanticboilers.com