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Vicaima improves acoustic performance of HD interior door


Vicaima’s HD interior door has just been awarded an improved acoustic rating, from tests conducted at Lorient acoustic transmission laboratory, which now makes it a strong contender where high acoustic ratings are required, in hotels and schools for instance.

This is the identical door which is used in Vicaima’s Portaro 30 minute acoustic and fire door sets which are specifically designed for hotel developments, where exceptional acoustic and fire attenuation properties are an integral part of this wide range of door kits.

The improved acoustic rating has been achieved through the superior and robust construction of the door panel which has a very high density core and double frame, and Vicaima’s decision to test this interior door has resulted in a high acoustic rating and opened up opportunities for customers who want a high quality, high performance door.

A rating of 33db has been achieved in a single leaf door panel and 32db where pairs of doors are used.
This improved acoustic rating has already found favour within a number of commercial sectors as well as private housebuilders. These include public buildings such as hotels, libraries and museums, banks and financial institutions, where sound reduction is important, and also in schools, medical centres and hospitals where this is beneficial. Private housebuilders have been quick off the mark to recognise this key customer benefit, and a number of the major names have already specified this higher acoustic grade of door for new build apartments and houses.

Vicaima probably offers more technical features and range of finish options than most, and has a long and respected reputation with many leading housebuilders and developers for its continual innovation in door design and technical improvements. From the traditional to the highly contemporary, the Vicaima range of interior doors has a wide variety of fully finished paint options, natural veneers clear lacquered and with stains, laminates, and the introduction of contrasting inlays. Frames can also be supplied whether ready for on-site painting or fully finished with veneer or laminate wrap options to complement door face.

Now this extensive range is further improved with a higher acoustic rating. Further details and test results can be obtained from Vicaima’s technical department Telephone 01793 402067 or email andygordon@vicaima.com