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Audience Systems advise on specifying retractable seating with new CPD


Retractable seating (also known as “telescopic seating”) is a smart way of maximising space usage, and as such is included in the government’s blueprint design for secondary schools. Also used widely in arenas, sports centres and theatres, it’s a specialist product whose design should be considered at the earliest stages of a project.

AS2Audience Systems, the UK’s largest manufacturer of retractable seating, have over 30 years’ experience in educational, cultural and sporting environments. Their new CPD seminar aims to equip participants to design retractable systems which not only optimise capacity and space usage, but are also simple to operate. Aesthetically, there are also some tips for harmonising the seating with the building’s interior – whether traditional or contemporary. The seminar also covers regulatory issues, wheelchair access, functional and aesthetic options, dimensional constraints and building interface considerations.

The seminar can be tailored to specific requirements and lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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