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Reynaers launches its clearest sliding system yet with Hi-Finity


An infinite view combined with ultimate performance is offered with Hi-Finity – the new, ultra-slim and elegant large sliding door system launched and now available from Reynaers Aluminium.

Revealed at Ecobuild earlier this year, this innovative new glazing system is designed to offer an uninterrupted view and seamless integration between interior and exterior without any compromise on performance – as the name ‘Hi-Finity’ suggests.

Its sleek, slim form allows the installation of large transparent surfaces with minimal visual sightlines. The aluminium profiles are designed to be integrated into the walls so the glazed surfaces extend from floor to ceiling creating the ultimate minimalistic appearance. This offers both panoramic views to outside and an airy and spacious feel to the living space as light pours in.

Despite its light, elegant appearance, the system provides a high level of strength and durability, being able to support large glass panels up to a weight of 500 kilograms. Depending on the frame and vent combination with a glazing thickness of 38mm double glazed, a Uf-value as low as 2.0 W/m²K can be achieved offering excellent thermal performance.

The system is air tight up to a maximum pressure of 600 Pa and, in addition, Hi-Finity can achieve a high level of water tightness with a rating of 600Pa.

Ease of operation is allowed via the specially designed integral wheels, with various opening options available ensuring the perfect solution, including duo rail, triple track and central closing for multiple panels. For greater ease and comfort, a concealed motor is also incorporated so vents can be opened fully automatically at the push of a button or via a remote control.

Designed with security in mind, the Reynaers Hi-Finity sliding door system is also burglary resistant to class RC2, which is achieved through the concept of the electric locking mechanism, operated by a simple push of a button or the remote control.

High strength, high thermal insulation and high security combined with the ultimate solution for an uninterrupted view, make Reynaers Hi-Finity sliding door system an ideal solution for low-energy contemporary architecture.

For full details contact: Reynaers Limited, Tel: 0121 421 1999, Fax: 0121 421 9797 or email: reynaersltd@reynaers.com.