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AV Alchemy – Intelligent Integration For Modern Interiors


In today’s modern home, technology is one of the key lifestyle considerations.  However, problems can arise when the continuous drive for bigger, louder and brighter audiovisual experiences come in to conflict with interior design considerations. L1007968-EditPotential clashes can be avoided by planning and partnering. The design of home technology should be planned and begin as early as possible.  If you want any sort of system then it must never be an afterthought.

Whilst this may appear intimidating or frivolous to a client – as they may not know what they want nor care too much at that point; the mantra is always infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure.A knowledgeable audio-visual integrator can work with architect, designer and client to ensure that multiple options are available by installing intelligent cabling to cover a host of eventualities.

If this is done correctly then it not only helps to make the AV integration a simple and flexible process towards the end of the build, but also allows upgrades and changes to be made in the future.

Treating the interior design and technology as two sides of the same coin makes both jobs infinitely easier.  By its very nature, audio-visual technology demands to be seen – however if it is designed as part of the interior design as opposed to an addition to it, then the end result can be so much more pleasing. L1007956-Edit-EditTaking this approach is what allows big TV’s to be hidden from view, appearing from cabinets, walls or ceilings when required, it allows speakers to be designed to be unobtrusive or even invisible, and it allows automated features such as lighting, blinds and curtains to function with or without user input.

Done correctly, technology integration can actually improve the experience of an interior space rather than detract from it.  When architects, designers and AV integrators work together it is amazing what magic can be achieved. L1007924-Edit

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