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Axor Bouroullec Composer


Axor has launched a new internet-based tool to facilitate easier planning of their Axor Bouroullec collection.

Bathroom professionals and their customers can access the Axor Bouroullec Composer at www.pro.hansgrohe-int.com/axor-composer and use it to build combinations on screen allowing the various fittings and wash basin options to be quickly visualised, making it easier to decide between the many variations.

Which wash table model, in which size, and with how many shelves? Which spout, and where should this and the Axor Bouroullec control elements be positioned? Is the positioning technically feasible, and is it functional? The Axor Bouroullec Composer executes the necessary steps in the planning process in the correct sequence and only accepts arrangements and combinations that are technically feasible and functional – definitely a great help in planning for comprehensive collections.

For precise planning, the software comes with a 2D view and an impression of how the chosen solution will look is provided by the 3D view, which also allows the work materials and colour variations to be loaded. The customer’s preferred designs can be saved and retrieved if required at a later stage and the various views can also be printed. Products used in the designs as well as important installation instructions and dimensional drawings can be printed out. Combined with the convenient search facility for product codes, these functions make the Axor Bouroullec Composer a valuable tool for bathroom professionals throughout the entire advisory and planning process.

A bathtub module will shortly be added to the Axor Bouroullec Composer; versions for touch screens and iPads are also under development.

In addition to the new on-line planning tool, special Axor Bouroullec wash tables for showroom display are available. These feature sets of fittings and other elements from the collection, which can be arranged and rearranged quickly and easily, giving customers a chance to experience the many various options firsthand.

Customisation as Standard
Customisation has become an everyday requirement for consumers – whether configuring a new car down to the last detail or planning the bathroom to meet exacting aesthetic and functional needs.

Axor Bouroullec puts bathroom individualisation in the spotlight, and with unrivalled flexibility. Around 85 bathroom fittings can be mixed and matched with the collection’s wash basin and bath models, with many of the solutions “liberating” the fittings from their conventional position centred at the back of the basin allowing them to be freely positioned to meet individual preferences. For bathroom trade professionals, Axor Bouroullec also represents an opportunity as this collection allows design consultants to demonstrate their expertise, in terms of water use, advisory and planning competence, technical know-how and aesthetic considerations and feeling.

The challenge lies in developing an individual bathroom solution for a customer that goes beyond what is offered as standard. This requires an in-depth discussion with the customer – a dialogue that covers not only technologies, functions and taste, but explores the bigger question as to how customers want to live within their bathrooms.

The new Axor Bouroullec composer combined with interactive showroom displays, help to support the bathroom professional to devise individualised bathroom solutions to delight their customers while also minimising time and effort.

There is also a customer version of the software at www.hansgrohe-int.com/axor-composer offering a 3D view where users can design their individual wash station and deals with questions about functional requirements and aesthetic preferences in relation to their bathroom.

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