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The Library of Birmingham – a World-Class Library for the 21st Century


Qubiqa UK is proud to announce they have been chosen by the Library of Birmingham to supply the mobile, static and 2-tier shelving for what is described as ‘one of the world’s most exciting and ambitious cultural projects’.

This impressive project to supply the Electronic mobile shelving is worth between £3.1-£3.4m and the library is expected to open to the public in 2013. Qubiqa has built up a very impressive portfolio of clients in both the library and heritage sectors in the last several years including installing systems in a number of high profile new builds and refurbishments. This unrivalled track record together with the state of the art system functionality, impressed both the main contractor and client alike. The users were looking for a system that could meet and embrace the changes, both technological and physical, which will be demanded in the new library. The Qubiqa systems will be used for both the Cultural (library) and Heritage (historic archives) collections as well as having smaller systems which will be used by the public in an open access environment on different floor levels.

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