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Back to Wall Toilets – a contemporary, space saving option for your new bathroom…

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Back to Wall Toilets – a contemporary, space saving option for your new bathroom…


Whether for a residential or a commercial project, selecting the right toilet is an extremely important decision, with several factors to consider. A contemporary, space saving option is a back to wall toilet. UK Bathrooms, the leading online store for premium designer bathrooms, has developed their ‘Buyers Guide to back to wall toilets’ explaining the options available. www.ukbathrooms.com/toilets/back-to-wall-toilets/.

A toilet is no longer purely a functional piece but is a design statement showcasing style and taste.  With so many options it can be a minefield and somewhat overwhelming and therefore imperative that the selection choice is made as easy as possible.  The Buyers Guide to Back to Wall Toilets explains what a back to the wall toilet actually is, how they work, options available and the need for a concealed toilet cistern. You can also check if a back to wall toilet will work for you, and, in 99.9% of bathroom renovations the answer to this is yes!

A recent survey showed that we are all spending more time on the toilet with the Italians leading the way with an average of 7m 31s, the Germans not being far behind with 6m 41s, the French spend 4m 56s and us Brits spend the shortest average time on the toilet at 4m 33s. More reason why we need to get the choice right.

So exactly what is a back to wall toilet? Very simply this is a toilet that is floor standing and has a hidden cistern, either in the wall or in a furniture unit.  Unlike a wall hung toilet, a back to the wall option does not need a frame, only the cistern.  This makes it a more cost- effective option and also saves time for your plumber. Dependant on the manufacturer these loos are produced in different ways, luxury brand Villeroy and Boch offer the option for their CeramicPlus finish.  This innovative finishing process gives a smooth, durable and virtually scratch-proof surface so making it very difficult for limescale and dirt to adhere. CeramicPlus therefore makes cleaning your toilet much easier.

Villeroy & Boch Subway 2.0 Rimless Floor Standing WC with optional CeramicPlus upgrade

A back to wall toilet is also great as its pipework is hidden and the connection to the cistern is seamless.  All you need is the toilet, a toilet seat, a flush plate and a concealed cistern according to the UK Bathrooms Guide. The Guide explains that the cistern feeds clean water into the toilet pan when the flush plate is pressed.  All out of sight and therefore so much more visually attractive, another added benefit is that there is reduced flushing noise compared to a cistern which is exposed.

Crosswater Svelte back to wall toilet

One of UK Bathrooms top selling back to wall toilets is the Crosswater Svelte, made in Italy for the UK market it is sleek and chic, this toilet comes with floor fixings and requires a concealed cistern.

A back to wall toilet is suitable for any bathroom design and even if it is not possible to build the cistern into the wall, or fit into furniture it can still be am option.  Premium brand Geberit supply the Geberit Monolith for floor standing toilets, this allows installation in any bathroom as it stands outside of a wall. It’s slim and neat and is available in a range of glass finishes, housing the cistern this way means a back to wall toilet can be used in any bathroom.  The Geberit Monolith is available in a choice of height and colour finish.

Geberit Monolith for floor standing toilets

The expert team at UK Bathrooms are available to help and offer advice and can be contacted on

Tel: 01765 694720

Web: www.ukbathrooms.com

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