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Bespoke design is something we have offered at ZOO Hardware in the past.


We are excited to introduce our new Bespoke Design Service. Bespoke design is something we have offered at ZOO Hardware in the past. However, now we have a new Product Designer who has a wealth of experience in designing door hardware, whose knowledge and experience can help us offer even more design services for customers.

The idea of the bespoke design service, is that we can offer our customers exactly what they want or need. An architect may approach us with designs they have created that may be bespoke for a customer and need those creating. Or perhaps a door manufacturer wants to expand their range with a unique idea and needs some help with design and manufacturing.

Our Product Design team can now take an idea or a concept and develop that into a fully functioning product. It could be anything the customer wants from a specific colour, or material, or a unique form or shape. It could even be the function of the product. We now have the capability to be able to develop a product from an idea or sketch into a product for an exciting new project.

The bespoke design service can be applied to all door hardware; door levers and door handles, pull handles and cabinet furniture ‐ the more visual products. However, if it’s to do with a specific project, we’ve got the expertise and portfolio to be able to create ancillary products to match. We can ensure that the concept a customer started with for a product, is then realised throughout the entire project for both domestic and commercial projects.

One of the biggest challenges we have is sometimes turning an idea into reality. A customer can come to us with a sketch of what they want, but right away we can see problems with the design. It is our job to ensure that we take the design and ensure that it works for their product – no one wants a lever that snaps off in their hand! We can ensure that initial ideas, taken through design, make products that do the job and perform.

In the past, like many of our competitors we’ve not been able to provide this level of service, but now we have a fantastic team on board that allows us to offer something quite unique to our customers. We can use our existing portfolio as a platform and with support from our partner companies ensure we have a full arsenal to work from.

If you are interested in our bespoke design service and working with our team to create unique and versatile products for your project contact info@zoo-hardware.co.uk

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