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Breaking new ground in extractor hob technology


Make a statement in the homes you are designing with the Elica range of extractor hobs that bring technology and minimalist style into the heart of the kitchen.

Extractor hobs have become an increasingly popular solution when creating an elegant and efficient cooking environment. As a premium product, manufacturers have focused on larger sizes but now, designed to meet the needs of those who only have a smaller space, NikolaTesla FIT is an extractor hob that brings style and performance to homes where space is limited. It was the first induction hob with integrated extraction that can be installed in a standard base unit. There are two widths of hob 60cm and 72cm, but both fit in a standard 60cm base.

The elegant design fits flush with the work surface and the shape of the extraction inlet allows maximum flexibility for pan sizes when in use. A gentle push opens the flap, and the extractor starts.

A bridge function allows two zones to be joined together to create a single area which guarantees a uniform cooking temperature in even large rectangular and oval pans.

NikolaTesla FIT creates a rapid air speed of up to 5m/s which ensures high smoke and odour capture. In the recirculating version Elica’s high performance ceramic filters ensure up to 80% of fumes are captured compared to an industry norm of 60%. They can be regenerated in the oven for up to five years which is both a welcome economy and good for the environment.

The innovative Autocapture function lets you focus on cooking: NikolaTesla FIT will set the suction power according to what you are cooking, obtaining the best balance between silence, extraction effectiveness and efficiency. The completely flat glass surface makes cleaning extremely easy, and all filters are safely and immediately accessible – there is even an outlet to quickly drain anything from minor to major spillages.

SWITCH’s exceptionally elegant and iconic design is available in black with cast iron accents and white glass with polished chrome trim. With premium features such as multiple bridge zones and wrming mode it will look stunning in any kitchen and be supremly practical.

FLAME, which combines integrated extraction with gas cooking. Incorporating four burners with a range of outputs, cast iron pan supports and electronic ignition and extraction control, FLAME enables users to enjoy the best that gas cooking can offer combined with powerful integrated extraction to eliminate fumes and odours.

PRIME,  features a black glass hob with four independent induction zones. At the centre is a cast iron grill that conceals a powerful extraction unit which provides high performance and near silent operation.

With PRIME and PRIME PLUS four independent cooking zones are hidden by the black tempered glass, whilst in the centre the elegant and robust grill conceals a powerful extraction area that can also be used in automatic mode with Autocapture function. The choice of  very tough cast iron for the grill means it  can become a practical support for even very hot pans. PRIME Plus in addition comes with one Bridge zone for even heat distribution in large oval and rectangular pans

LIBRA is the first extractor hob with integrated weighing scales. You can weigh ingredients right at the place you are cooking and, being heat resistant, directly into a hot pan. The NikolaTesla Libra is extremely intuitive to use thanks to touch controls for weighing cooking and extraction.

The NikolaTesla range of extractor hobs is exceptionally powerful with maximum extraction rates of over 620 m³/h. The central fan, perfectly integrated into the cooktop, guarantees high performance in terms of fume capture, silence and energy efficiency. NikolaTesla is easy to install, all filters are accessible from the counter top and all models come in duct-out and re-circulating versions.

More details at: https://elica.com/GB-en/hobs/extractor/nikolatesla-fit

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