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We can’t always open windows in summer, but efficient ventilation is still necessary.  Control condensation and extract pollution (and pathogens) continuously, economically and at really low noise levels with a Vectaire Midi, Maxi or Maxi Plus MVHR  “BY-AT” model.  They provide continuous ventilation by extracting pollutants and humidity and maintain a constant intake of fresh, filtered air whilst meeting the latest requirements for energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and economy. 

These MVHRs have integral acoustic attenuation, a choice of speeds and summer bypass (the airflow bypasses the heat exchanger when internal and external temperatures are between adjustable setpoints).  Installation is simple – nothing extra required other than the unit itself.  They are commissioned via a touch screen;  performances are between 14 l/sec to 238 l/sec; sound levels below 5 dbA (BRE tested).  They are SAP PCDB listed and manufactured in our own UK factory to ISO9001.  The best solution to improved air quality at very low noise levels in residential properties – even in summer.

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