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Barrisol® and Carrier® combine their expertise to market a range of unique advanced HVAC ceiling solutions that provide unparalleled comfort and air quality.


HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) solutions for office buildings, hotels, restaurants, private homes and any other industry application wishing to offer an aesthetic, more comfortable and healthier interior environment.

Barrisol, the world leader in stretch ceilings, and Carrier, one of the world leaders in innovative HVAC technologies, are combining their expertise. The two companies are now in a marketing alliance, to commercialize a complete range of ceiling diffusion solutions, coupled with HVAC systems.

ACV, Belgium – Arch. : ZAmpone architectuur – © Barrisol

This range, which is part of Barrisol’s Advanced Care Solutions and Carrier’s Healthy Buildings program, benefits from the combined skills of the two manufacturers to offer systems that provide thermal comfort, unequalled indoor air quality and incredible aesthetics.

Carrier confirmed the exceptional performance of the systems by means of a testing campaign carried out in 2020 at their laboratory in Culoz (France).

The Barrisol Cloud Clim® version featuring Carrier® Products uses
modules suspended from the ceiling.
Arch. : Kris Rymenants Architectenbureau bvba – © Barrisol

To adapt to all configurations, the solutions are available in 3 versions:

Barrisol Clim® featuring Carrier® Products allows to diffuse heating, air conditioning and ventilation in an invisible, silent and draft-free way with a great temperature homogeneity. It uses a biosourced membrane over the entire surface of the ceiling.

For optimal indoor air quality, the Barrisol Pure Clim® featuring Carrier® products version of the solution allows, in addition to the air conditioning functions, the destruction of pathogens present in the ambient air thanks to the germicidal action of UVC lamps installed into the plenum.

CHAMPAGNE MERCIER, France – Arch. : MHCS S – © Barrisol

Barrisol Cloud Clim® featuring Carrier® products solution uses the principle of hybrid thermal diffusion combining radiation and convection in a modular format.

The system is presented in the form of a panel suspended from the ceiling, true decorative objects.

The system was awarded a Reddot Design Award Best of the Best for its aesthetics in 2021.

For more information on Barrisol® and Carrier® HVAC ceiling solutions: https://barrisolclim.com/en

OSLO PLADS, Danemark – Arch. : KHR Arkitekter A/S – © Barrisol

Barrisol Pure Clim® featuring Carrier® Products uses ultraviolet lamps (UVC)
integrated in the plenum to destroy airborne pathogens
© Barrisol

Cross-sectional view of the airflow through
the Barrisol Clim® solution featuring Carrier® Products
© Barrisol