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Doors & Windows

Broadwater Farm Inclusive Learning Campus, Tottenham


A new build Inclusive Learning Campus, thought to be the first of its kind in the UK, amalgamating 3 separate primary schools at Broadwater Farm in Tottenham has used the Combi Alu system from Olsen UK.

Glass units are double glazed (28mm) with one pane toughened and one pane laminated for security and safety. Filled with Argon gas and with a soft coat low-e coating the glass units perform well acoustically, thermally and have a reduced solar gain factor. Although on this project double glazed units have been used, achieving an overall U-value of 1.5 W/m2K, triple glazed units are also available in the Combi Alu system which can achieve overall U-values of 1.0W/m2K.

bw2The concept with the design on the project was to provide a safe, manually operable ventilation system within the classrooms, combined with a high level automated vent controlled by a building management system.

Actuators have been built within the frames on the opening top light windows so that they can be operated automatically, without the use of handles. This feature enables the opening windows to be placed at a level at which children cannot access the openings and also that the windows do not need to be opened manually by over reaching up to the frames thus keeping safety at an absolute maximum.

Louvres have been used to help increase ventilation to the various rooms throughout the hotter, summer months. The external louvre is colour matched identically to the aluminium frames (RAL 7037, Dusty Grey) and has a built in fly screen. Internally a solid timber panel has been used, which is finished to the same specifications as the timber frames (clear lacquer on Pine). This inward opening panel has a circumferential gasket which ensures that in the winter there is no cool draught allowed through the louvre, keeping the thermal aspects of the window at a high level. The use of louvres also makes a good area for teachers to put up various displays!