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Fire Protection & Prevention Insulation

Increase in loft insulation creates greater need for fire protection


Following the Department of Energy and Climate’s recent announcement to changes in the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) – which is estimated to mean more than 3.5 million homes in Great Britain are likely to benefit from insulation – the need for fire protection in lofts is more important than ever, claims Aico.

Under the newly restructured government obligation on energy companies CERT now requires 68% of energy suppliers’ obligation to be met through professionally installed loft, cavity and solid wall insulation.

Loft insulation is a simple and cost effective means to prevent heat loss through the roof, but it brings with it a danger that very few people will be aware of. The risk comes when you lay thermal loft insulation over downlights. Most downlights are not designed for this and may overheat, leading to a potential fire risk.

Aico provides a simple, cost-effective solution in the form of its Loftcap range which has been specifically designed to reduce the risk of fire by keeping combustibles away from the hot downlight and by preventing the spread of fire through the opening in the ceiling made for by the downlight, for up to one hour. Loftcaps are positioned over the downlight with loft insulation laid directly on top. Additionally, they are also designed to limit draughts, improve air tightness and reduce moist air flow.

Furthermore, the recently launched compact cone shaped Loftcap, for use with smaller downlights, is the only loft cover on the market that has been awarded the Capped F mark – an independent evaluation of its safe use with uninterrupted thermal loft insulation.

Manufactured from inert fibres and organic binders, Loftcaps are rot, corrosion, vermin resistant, non combustible, non-electrically conductive and entirely maintenance free.

Loftcaps meet the requirements of the Lighting Association and NHBC.

For sales information please contact Aico on 0870 758 4000 or enquiries@aico.co.uk