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Mount Cricket Club, West Yorkshire


Mount Cricket Club in West Yorkshire have a great tradition for community cricket and a longstanding association around the area. With a lack of resources affecting the club and to help them create a higher standard of play and better utilisation of their facilities, they applied to Kirklees council for an artificial cricket wicket to be installed at their ground.

Dura-Sport working with Playrite surfaces was given the task to construct a new non-turf cricket pitch. The pitch was built on the edge of the square, measured 30.00m x 2.74m and incorporated the ECB approved DSi-Pro cricket system, which incorporates Playrite’s Wilton woven cricket surface and is marked out as per rules of the game.

The main requirement for any cricket surface is a non-directional pile allowing the game to be played with no additional infill. The most proven synthetic cricket surface that is durable, hard wearing and realistic is a Playrite woven surface that provides a consistent and professional standard of play.

Mount Cricket Club recently featured on Sky Sport’s ‘Club Life’ which follows the progress of a selection of local cricket clubs throughout the season. The new 30 metre strip appears throughout the TV interview and is praised by leading batsman Anees Lawat.

Disclaimer: Playrite’s non-turf, synthetic cricket wickets are installed around the world and are manufactured using state of the art fibre sourced within the UK. Playrite’s woven cricket surfaces make up an integral part in systems designed and created by major cricket companies such as Total-Play, Dura-Sport limited, Club Turf, Verde Sports and Exclusive Leisure.