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Roofing & Cladding

Build Smart with Marley Eternit BIM


Leading roofing and cladding manufacturer, Marley Eternit, has launched a new BIM (Building Information Modelling) service for fibre cement slates called ‘BIM Space’ which is available through the website. Leading the way in the industry, Marley Eternit stands as the first UK roofing manufacturer to offer this innovative service.

Developed to help architects, specifiers, contractors and building services engineers, BIM Space has been launched by Marley Eternit using Revit, the market leading BIM software. This new service aims to make life as easy as possible for customers from initial design detailing to material specification, component placement and structural performance. Facilities are managed throughout their lifetimes, which minimises the cost implications associated with maintenance work.

A typical BIM model or object for fibre cement slate contains detailed dimensions, product specifications, material performance data and the environmental credentials of each product along with image files to create high quality 3D renderings of the building. The BIM object also enables specifiers to directly request samples for the project they are working on without leaving the software.

BIM allows the roof structure in question to be built ‘virtually’ before any physical construction activity takes place. This means specifiers can fully visualise their project and what’s more, it is possible to access the information that sits behind this virtual construction, enabling different organisations to work together on the same project. BIM provides a new platform in which firms across the construction supply chain can work together collaboratively to increase operational efficiencies and reduce build costs.

Steve Bryceson, technical advisory service manager at Marley Eternit, explains: “We launched BIM for our fibre cement slate range as this revolutionary software is now playing such a vital role in helping specifiers create developments faster and more economically whilst reducing environmental impact.

“As BIM also places new emphasis on the lifecycle of a construction project, it is important to recognise the sustainability properties throughout the whole lifecycle of fibre cement. Not only does fibre cement offer strong environmental credentials in the lifecycle of the building but it is also 100% recyclable at the end of its use.

“The advent of BIM also means that the environmental labelling of products is becoming even more important and manufacturers need to be able to demonstrate their sustainability credentials across a broader range of areas. Marley Eternit has worked with the Carbon Trust to achieve independent carbon footprints for its full range of roofing products.”

BIM is seen as an irreversible trend in the industry and has already gained momentum with nearly 40% of construction professionals now using it. Marley Eternit is committed to providing smarter ways to help customers and adapting new technology that will remove wastage, reduce build times and ultimately achieve cost savings.

In addition to roofing, Marley Eternit also provides BIM details for all its range of façade materials which has detailed specifications for façade type, framing and fixing systems.

For further information on Marley Eternit’s BIM Space and how it can benefit your project just ask ME at www.marleyeternit.co.uk/Resources/BIM or call ME on 01283 722588. You can also follow ME on Twitter @MarleyEternit. If it matters to you it matters to us, that’s why with ME it’s all about you.