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Insulation Walls

Cembrit Launches New Renderbacker Product – Cembrit PB


Cembrit is pleased to announce their versatile new base board specially designed for insulated render systems. With the application of liquid renders, specifiers can create facades combining a monolithic appearance with all the advantages of rainscreen claddings.
Cement based Cembrit PB, has low water absorbency and is dimensionally stable. It won’t expand and contract with heat and cold nor will it swell and shrink due to changes in moisture, crucial characteristics inhibiting surface cracking in the render finish. Cembrit PB’s specially developed reinforced, chamfered edges mean the board can be fixed close to their edges. This maximizes stability at the butt joints, further reducing the risk of the render cracking along the joints, which can be a vulnerable area of the facade.

Cembrit PB has an innovative composition which should please the installer. The boards contain polystyrene beading reducing the weight of the board in comparison with stone, block and concrete. Cembrit PB can be scored and snapped rather than requiring mechanical cutting. Cembrit PB could well be the most user friendly renderbacker available in the UK; it is certainly one of the lightest!

The features which make Cembrit PB an ideal renderbacker also make it an excellent tile backer board for any internal wet area application where the finish will be ceramic tiles.

Cembrit’s PB boards are tried and tested in all climates across North America and Europe and are supported by both British Standard and North American performance tests.

Using skills built up over 80 years, Cembrit offers a wide range of fibre cement slates, corrugated sheets, and cladding and building board panels, as well as natural slates. Our factories operate Environmental Management Systems (EMS) to EN14001. Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are available on all Cembrit manufactured ranges. Cembrit fibre cement slates are listed on the Greenbooklive.com register of environmental products. Quality levels at group factories are rigorously maintained to high standards with many products manufactured under the control of ISO 9001 and British Board of Agrément. Cembrit UK is a member of Cembrit Holding A/S of Denmark.

For further information on Cembrit visit https://www.cembrit.co.uk, email sales@cembrit.co.uk or call tel: +44 (0)20 8301 8900