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Subtle feature from Diligence International


Diligence International: Stylish yet unobtrusive, the Unifocus wood-burning fire is just one example from an extensive collection made by French company Focus, and available in the UK from Diligence International.Two options are available – the 13 and the 70 – with the numbers denoting (in mm) the width of the frame surrounding the glass-fronted fire. The 13mm frame offers a façade that measures 736mm wide by 666mm high, while the 70mm variant is 850mm wide by 780mm high.

Capable of delivering an impressive 15kW of heat output, the Unifocus can be used in traditional or modern settings – its simple lines allowing it to be a stylish but unobtrusive addition to any interior design scheme.

The burning efficiency figure of 83.2% will attract those looking for economic and environmentally friendly operation, and the fire complies with the strictest European technical and environmental standards.

Heat output is controlled manually and by an integrated thermostat, and the precise regulation of the air for combustion ensures easy lighting of the fire and good burn consistency.

For ease of access, the door slides vertically or it can open out into the room at an angle of 45degrees for cleaning. The fireplace can operate with the glass door open or closed.

The fire will require a suitable secondary flue system. Weighing-in at 310kg, the Unifocus also comes as a double-sided option.