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Chainmail, of course, enters into interior decoration.


Creating a separation and dividing space through lightweight partitions create wonderful opportunities for exploring all the facets of chain mail. Here, it is possible to make a play on light, create additional space, sculpt alcoves, etc.

On the wall, ceiling or floor: resistance, flexibility and plays on light are the main assets of this type of use and modular solutions (in panels or strips) to separate without closing off, to divide without partitioning, to create areas of privacy, etc. What an absolutely architectural material it is!

In a blend of transparency and flexibility, offers a timeless solution for the creation of original firebreaks tailored to either highly contemporary or more traditional worlds. Made in stainless steel, it resists fire and does not alter in time

knows how to be immaterial, floating, enveloping, and sculptural for areas and ambiences atmospheres… or for magnificent creatures.

Varia Textile Ltd
197 Kingsroad
Kingston upon Thames
KT2 FJH -Surrey