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Changing places in 3D


Helping clients visualise a facilities project is simplified with a new 3D CAD download.

The Changing Places accessible, assisted toilet 3D CAD download, available only at www.clos-o-mat.com, has been purpose-developed to help designers plan building layouts and visualise how the room differs from a standard (Document M type) wheelchair-accessible toilet, the range of equipment therein, and how it all integrates to enable anyone who needs the help of a carer to go to the toilet when away from home. The 3D CAD download compliments the range of 2D CAD downloads, and video, already available on the website and via external resources including NBS.

Kelvin Grimes, Clos-o-Mat Changing Places/hygiene rooms project manager, explains:

“Actually seeing the equipment in situ, and how it integrates, always helps one’s understanding of a concept.”
Changing Places accessible assisted toilets were developed to help the hundreds of thousands of people who cannot access a conventional accessible toilet because the standard lacks space or equipment.

Under Building Regulations Approved Document M 2013, Changing Places toilets/ hygiene rooms are now ‘desirable’ in any building to which the public has access; under BS8300: 2009, they should be incorporated in addition to any existing accessible toilet provision. Since the concept was devised, over 500 have been opened in venues across the country, enabling anyone who needs the help of a carer to toilet to now enjoy everyday life, knowing there are appropriate toilet facilities away from home.

Clos-o-Mat has a proven track record on the supply and installation of fully accessible toilets, including a substantial number of Changing Places facilities. Its ability to deliver design advice, supply, installation, commissioning, project management and maintenance across the ambit of accessible toileting equipment, including the Clos-o-Mat wash and dry (automatic) toilet, means it is uniquely positioned to simplify the whole process for forward-thinking environments to which the public have access.