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Charlie Day is a garden designer & shellwork specialist based in Cambridgeshire.


He has over 16 years experience designing and building country house and urban gardens, and 10 years specialising in bespoke shellwork features, for an impressive portfolio of private clients with properties in London, throughout Britain & abroad.

His shellwork creations have included shell and stone grottos and shell houses, orangery and outdoor fountains and a variety of wall alcoves.

Overlapping into interiors, there is a growing, versatile made-to-order product range.

Though each garden scheme is tailor made, Charlie generally favours a naturalistic landscape punctuated with the structure of grand Italianate style.

Charlie’s vision for extraordinary masterplans, commitment to beautiful quality & complementary materials combined with an extremely high standard of workmanship and his down-to-earth approach with clients, has earnt him a growing reputation as one of Britain’s top garden desginers.

Landscaping and planting wild meadows, gravel and formal gardens, woodland walkways, orchards and avenues; building entrance gateways, walls and hardwood pergolas; laying stone terraces, tennis & basket ball courts, as well as executing natural swimming lakes and high-end bespoke pools are all part of his repertoire. His team have also handled complicated irrigation and mature tree planting as well as fountain installations and produced a variety of tasteful lighting schemes.

Although an adept draftsman and painter, he also produces CAD schematic drawings.


He has worked alongside many of Britain’s top interior designers, architects and developers and has a growing number of HNW clients with unique and varied specifications for their properties worldwide.

Charlie’s work has been featured in the Financial Times, House & Garden (UK), Domino, (US) and the Telegraph.