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CN Glass exceeding energy efficiency standards with their cutting-edge vacuum glazing solution.


With the impending changes to building regulations in 2025 CN Glass are proud to deliver a glazing solution that not only meets but exceeds these new energy efficiency standards.  LandVac Vacuum Glazing is the industry leading, state-of-the-art vacuum glazing solution.  In a nutshell it allows windows to look like single glazing but perform like triple glazing – the combination all consumers dream of.

Suitable for application in both heritage and new builds, commercial or domestic LandVac Vacuum Glazing is made with two panes of tempered glass separated by a cavity, like standard double glazing.  But instead of the usual gas or air-filled cavity, micro transparent support pillars (8 times fewer than its leading competitor) are used to extract all the air to produce a vacuum.

The result?  An incredibly narrow gap between the two panes of around 0.3mm.  A pane of LandVac 8.38mm glass delivers a u—value of just 0.4, more efficient than a solid brick wall and meets the standards required to be used in Passivhaus projects.

Available in bespoke shapes and sizes, the u-value of LandVac remains constant whether it’s mounted horizontally or at an angle unlike insulated glass.  Its acoustic efficiency similarly outperforms double glazing by 10dB and thanks to its narrow profile you get triple glazing performance at 10kg less per square meter by comparison.

The future of glazing has arrived.  Get in touch with CN Glass today to find out more about how LandVac Vacuum Glazing can help your architectural requirements.

01295 957051 | info@cnglass.co.uk

For full technical specifications visit CN Glass’ website: https://www.cnglass.co.uk/glass/landvac/