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Cloud Desktops for Graphical Applications


With everything that has gone on this year and with none of us knowing exactly what the future may hold! We have all had to adapt and try to make home working a success to ensure we remain productive despite not being in the office.

We have seen first-hand that many of the issues architects faced during the initial lockdown stemmed from them using hastily set up RDP (remote desktop protocol) or VPN (virtual private network) type remote working set ups to facilitate home working for their users. Yes, these can be a relatively cost-effective and usable way of setting workers up to work from home but issues start to arise when users are using more resource hungry applications, such as those used in the Architecture Engineering & Construction (AEC) industries, the Autodesk Suite for example.

There can also be issues with connection, RDP can be heavy on Bandwidth and with the whole family at home all trying to access the internet at the same time, it can prove frustrating to say the least! The corporate network can suffer as well, becoming overloaded with users all trying to access their workstations remotely at the same time.

Implementing a robust, remote working solution is essential for any business and its employees, to ensure all users, no matter the workload and application mix, are delivered the performance they require to make sure productivity levels are maximised and to ensure business continuity is safeguarded against whatever the future may hold.

Utilising virtualisation software, such as Citrix & VMWare, will give you and your colleagues, a much better remote working experience!

IMSCAD cloud offer a hosted, private cloud option, enabling the provision of bare metal servers to ensure optimum performance for your individual workloads, the servers are provisioned to suit your company’s and their user’s needs, ensuring the best performance for each-and-every user!

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