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Finding the right solution in this arena can be difficult especially when you do not know all the innovative options that are available to you. Evaccess currently supply the world’s safest product range of Evacuation Chairs & Powered Stairclimbers. We are the number one solution provider in this field.

With a proven and extensive history as solution providers for disabled access and evacuation, we provide independent consultancy for any project. Whether you are looking for equipment designed to give a wheelchair user or PRM access to a building, or you need to provide a suitable evacuation solution with the dignity of the wheelchair user in mind, we can help.

Why choose us?

Here at Evaccess our aim is simple; we help businesses and individuals to implement the most suitable and cost-effective means of access and evacuation for wheelchair users and persons of reduced mobility. We are different. Our equipment is more than just an ‘evacuation chair’, many of our products are powered to aid in access and egress both up and down stairs.

Our priority is the specific needs of the existing or potential equipment and building users.

Our ranges of free-standing manual & electric powered equipment can be designed for change of use for individual needs. However, all our equipment can also be used for anyone who may require a safe, secure, and dignified means of escape in an emergency, in the case of a general lift breakdown, or general building inaccessibility.

Often when purchasing evacuation chairs, people do not consider the implications for wheelchair users. Imagine…a solution where the individual can avoid transfer from their own chair, ensuring the highest level of dignity. They are then able to continue with independent onward travel once they have descended the stairs. This is crucial in an emergency and a basic human right. Legislation exists to prevent discrimination against disabled people and those with reduced mobility, but meeting the minimum requirement sometimes is simply not good enough. After the Grenfell Tower Fire in 2017, the nation had watched in horror and it became apparent to the Government that more needed to be done to ensure the people responsible were providing a reliable and safe means of evacuation for disabled people. Almost a third of the people who died were vulnerable people and this year the Government identified 164,000 vulnerable and disabled people who are still living in high-risk tower blocks. Evaccess have a viable solution for basic staircases as well as spiral, narrow and flared stairs, and both indoor and outdoor terrain.

As well as our reliable Powered Stairclimbers and robust Manual Evac Chairs we also offer a host of additional assisted evacuation devices (AED’s). This includes our Mattresses, slings, and stretchers. All our products are manufactured with the utmost quality. We have worked with some fantastic clients over the years and we continue to fulfil our aim to help people by providing the best Evacuation, Access and Egress solutions for both buildings and people.

Some Unique and Revolutionary examples of equipment solutions.

Electric & Power Wheelchair Access Evacuation

Portable Lifts Equality Access

Basement & Mezzanine Access

Chair Lift Alternatives

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