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Contemporary barn gets natural look with Glendyne


A disused farm building has recently been converted into a stylish residential dwelling with the help of Glendyne natural slate from Cembrit. The conversion project has transformed what was once a run-down chicken shed into a single-story contemporary living space, with Glendyne slates providing harmony with the other natural materials used on the project.

The new dwelling is located in the village Bow Brickhill, Milton Keynes and sits within the grounds of a Grade 11 listed farmhouse. The village has a rich history and is nestled into a hillside adjacent to large areas of woodland. Local architectural practice, David Grindley Architects, had the task of creating a building that would complement the natural surroundings while still being suitable for modern living. The completed project shows an innovative use of space and subtle use of design details.

The conversion retains the 19th Century timber trusses and original proportions, whilst also providing a zinc extension which is extruded from the gable end. Folding shutters can be closed when the building is not being used, to transform the space. Half of the roof is covered with reclaimed slate from the original building, with new Glendyne natural slate used for the remaining area. Externally the blue/grey slate continues alongside the oak decking and terraces.

“It was important that we sourced suitable materials for the project” says Robert Grindley from David Grindley Architects. “The roof itself was a fairly straight forward installation, however we wanted to recycle as much of the previous Welsh slate as possible, so needed a material that had an extremely similar appearance to the old slate. Glendyne slates from Cembrit are very similar to the original Welsh slate and were a perfect match for this building. In fact, we were able to use reclaimed slate on one half building and Glendyne on the visible side of the building.”

Glendyne is a high quality slate that combines first-class performance and authenticity, to make it the ideal choice for specifiers and roofers. Glendyne natural roofing slate is available exclusively from Cembrit in the UK. Produced in the town of Saint Marc du Lac Long, Quebec, Glendyne is a distinctive blue-grey and perfectly suited for the UK specifier interested in the heritage and credibility of sourced products.

The Glendyne quarry is one of the most modern slate quarries in the world. The quarry operates a quality management system based on EN ISO 9001 which is externally audited. This standard is adhered to rigidly, as are all quality standard procedures required by each regional market the quarry supplies. Glendyne, like all natural slate from Cembrit, is tested to BS EN European standard, BS EN 12326-1:2004 which requires many of the laboratory tests (‘type testing’) to be performed at least annually and the factory production control (FPC) performed and recorded as a matter of routine by the producer.