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If you are planning a public, community or school play area, a landscaped space or even a roof top garden with a surfacing element then PlaySmart can support you. All solutions have been tested, where appropriate, to BS EN177 and BS EN 7188 and come with our no quibble guarantee.

We have a range like no other provider in the UK featuring a 100% sustainable solution in Corkeen. Produced with cork, a raw material of natural origin, reusable and recyclable the Corkeen system is the sustainable, ecological, and safe solution the world of play and landscaping has been waiting for. Corkeen can be installed into play areas, pathways and public spaces and can also achieve a Fall Height of up to 2.7m.

PlaySmart also offer a natural solution in Nordic Lawn Hybrid Grass. Nordic Lawn protects and stabilises natural grass and the open mesh structure allows the natural grass to grow through. This solution is safe, soft, easy to install with minimal ground preparation required. It is perfect for worn grassed areas, parks, public spaces or slopes. When combined with SmartPlay, our patented shock pad, Nordic Lawn achieves 2.7m high fall height in a play area.

Contributing to the goal of carbon neutrality in the cities Architects and designers increasingly seek eco-efficient materials and solutions that ensure quality and comfort without harming the environment. Combining ecology and performance, cork is one such product and has tremendous potential in the fields of urban construction, rehabilitation and outdoor areas.

All over the world, a growing proportion of people lives in cities. Big or small, old or new, cities are becoming our natural environment. According to the United Nations, about 55% of the world’s population Studies indicate that for each ton of cork produced, the cork oak forest can sequester up to 73 tons of CO2**, and thus helps to reduce the Global Warming potential and contributing to the goal of carbon neutrality in the cities. Cork’s Natural Born Technology Cork consists of a honeycomb structure, including thousands of microscopic cells, filled by an air-like gas and coated primarily by suberin and lignin. Suberin is the element that makes cork impermeable to liquids and gases, allowing it to age without deteriorating. In addition to its insulation capacity, cork has a series of other characteristics that enable a broad range of applications in building construction. currently lives in urban areas, and it is estimated that this percentage will rise to 68% over the coming decades*. By 2050, two thirds of the world population will live in urban areas.

Cork and the green cities of tomorrow In this context, it is imperative to increase the quality of life in urban centers, both in terms of comfort and in terms of environmentally friendly solutions in new buildings, rehabilitations, and outdoor spaces.

Cork, as a renewable natural raw material that plays an important role in the reduction of greenhouse gases, is gaining momentum in It is lightweight, with high flexibility and compressibility, resistant to moisture, friction and abrasion, and has thermal, acoustic and vibration insulation capacities.

Everything begins in Nature Cork is a natural, 100% recyclable, renewable raw material obtained from the cork oak tree (Quercus Suber L.). This oak species whose bark (cork) regenerates itself is mainly found in Southern Mediterranean countries and North Africa, and has an average lifetime of 200 years. Portugal is the leading cork-producing country, responsible for over 50% of total European cork production.

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