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CS Plasma tiles for roofs from 12º up to 90º rainscreen cladding and facade


Will your next project need a watertight roof or a 100% non-flammable cladding / facade system?  If you’ve answered yes, read on.
Very few products in the construction industry marketplace are able to effectively handle two opposing extremes, the only exception the Plasma tile. No other clay or ceramic tile is able to effectively prevent your LOW-PITCHED roof from leaking whilst also being the perfect choice as a non-combustible and non flammable cladding system.
Available in 11 different colours and or finish options provides plenty of aesthetic options to choose from or indeed combine them.

As a roof tile?
The Plasma tiles very easily copes with low roof pitches from 12.5º.
The intricately designed interlocking system on the Plasma very effectively channels water down on to the tile beneath it; the three barriers at the head of the tile ( 1 more than many of its competitors and 2 more than the rest of the competition ) along with the deep and wide side interlocking ribs  with their consistent height all the way along the length of the tile ( as opposed to thinning out as most other tiles do ) ensure rain water is effectively carried down to the gutters.

As a rain-screen cladding or facade system?
It doesn’t get any easier than this.
Plasma tiles are produced in clay which is totally inert therefore non-combustible and non-flammable.
All the fixings are either stainless steel or aluminium,
All the fixings used are “off the shelf” aluminium profiles and stainless steel screws and one stainless steel clip.
No composite materials or petroleum derived products are used at all.
Our Plasma cladding system is very straight forward to install thereby reducing labour costs.
It is by far the most cost effective option on the market due to all the component parts used are produced in volume.
Zero fire risk.

To see the full product range please visit https://www.galex.co.uk/rainscreen-cladding-and-facades

Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 7GU.

T: 01270 483 763
E: info@galex.co.uk
W: https://www.galex.co.uk

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