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Curtain Profiles


Visible curtain rails can be an eyesore in an otherwise carefully designed interior and can prove tricky where fitting adjacent coving or cornice.

Davuka GRP Ltd, the UK specialist distributor of decorative mouldings and ornaments, has introduced a number of elegant profiles to their extensive coving and cornice range which conceal curtain or blind in the blink of an eye.

Curtain Profile – C991
Curtain profile C991 forms part of the Ulf Moritz design collection and consists of an elegant, rounded profile which can be attached to the wall or ceiling. The profile has an extra mounting support which allows it to be glued to just the ceiling so allowing it to be positioned away from the wall. This allows curtain rails to be tucked away neatly behind the profile, with the curtain simply being drawn behind it.7785The profile can then be continued around the room like a normal cornice moulding which ensures a visually cohesive look.  Additionally, LED lighting can be fitted to the profile to act as either an up or downlighter.

Curtain Profile – C341 & C342
The new  mouldings C341 and C342 from the Heritage collection were designed for a more classical interior. This collection is based on an English heritage style and these profiles similarly have an extra adhesive surface which allows them to be attached to the ceiling in a “floating” manner.


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