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Achieving speech privacy avoids distractions and increases office productivity.


But how do you get there?

AET.GB Ltd have 23 years experience in using a combination of Sound Masking systems and Acoustic Panels to improve the acoustic environment, both in open plan and cellular offices. Though often overlooked at the design stage our systems are also highly successful when retrofitted.

Speech privacy is achieved when private speech cannot be deciphered. So someone listening from outside the meeting room would know there was a conversation, but would not be able to understand what was being communicated.

However, in an open plan area speech privacy is less practical, with reducing the distance conversations can be understood becoming the practical goal. With sound masking the radius in which speech can be understood is greatly reduced by raising the background noise level, therefore reducing the speech to noise ratio.

Sound masking utilises white/pink noise which is filtered to match the human speech spectrum. AET.GB Ltd shape the spectrum used to complement the existing acoustics of the area being treated. The Sound Masking system presents no visual impact in offices which have suspended ceilings over 90mm or floor voids greater than 90mm.

With the subsequent increased productivity within the office, the system starts paying for itself proving an invaluable tool for confidential meetings, without having to rip out and replace partitions floors and ceiling.

2If you are at the design stage or have a fully finished office and want advice on sound masking or speech privacy contact AET.GB Ltd. Our acoustic engineers are keen to help you achieve better office acoustics.



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