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DANLERS team up with CASAMBI to deliver wireless control of energy-saving occupancy and daylight sensors


DANLERS Limited are proud to announce the launch of a new range of energy saving controls in collaboration with CASAMBI, one of the world’s leading providers of smart wireless lighting control technologies.

DANLERS ‘CASAMBI enabled’ PIR occupancy sensors with daylight control communicate wirelessly by Casambi’s award winning software. Casambi uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to provide mesh network control without needing a wired gateway or Wi-Fi network connection. Unlike traditional wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, Casambi’s use of BLE ensures there is no single point at which the communication signal can fail.

Using Casambi software, or a ‘CASAMBI enabled’ occupancy sensor can be used to control individual or groups of smart luminaires automatically when an area is occupied. Control settings on the PIR sensors such as response to changes in daylight levels, can quickly and easily be managed via the Casambi app, rather than relying on making changes from the sensor device.  The app is free of charge and available for Android & Apple iPhone platforms.

Julian Kay, Managing Director at DANLERS commented, “Our customers are looking to take advantage of ambient light and maximise energy efficiency. By using DANLERS products along with the new version of the Casambi app, they are empowered with a retrofit solution that helps them easily control lighting and without needing to buy any additional hardware or software”.

The Casambi system is ideal for retrofitting into existing installations because there is no need for additional wiring to communicate between devices. New enabled controls, including the DANLERS sensors, can be added to a network at any time making the system not only scalable but flexible and cost effective.

Other Casambi lighting control solutions that can be integrated with DANLERS sensors include: Scene setting, colour changing, colour temperature, fade times, minimum dim levels, schedules and many other options.

Timo Pakkala, CEO of Casambi, commented: “We are delighted to announce our partnership with DANLERS to allow seamless control of its daylight linked products with a high degree of accuracy. This alliance demonstrates the scale of control our innovative lighting platform delivers in the pursuit of energy conservation by using occupancy and daylight sensors.”

DANLERS Casambi enabled controls are suitable for most applications including retail, commercial, domestic, industrial, education, hospitality and many more. For further details please contact our sales team or visit us on Stand P26 at Lux Live at Excel, London on 15th and 16th November 2017.

Tel: +44 (0)1249 443377
Email: sales@danlers.co.uk