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Artnovion specialises in creating beautiful acoustic panels for use in domestic and commercial environments. Artnovion has developed the new high-accuracy Impulso Architect App to help create the perfect sound performance.

The dimensions of a room have a great influence on the acoustic design. The Impulso Architect App has been engineered to allow architects to choose the most suitable acoustic panels for their project.

Enter the room’s measurements into the app, state the function of the room, and then choose between an internally generated sweep or an external impulse (loudspeaker, microphone, hand clap). Impulso will then process the readings and correlate any background noise to deliver an accurate acoustic analysis and provide the reverberation time of the room. Lastly, select from a choice of acoustic panels in Artnovion’s extensive range and Impulso will display how they will perform.

To help create the perfect audio setting, architects can share their data with Artnovion’s project department. The team will give further advice on the suitability of their products for the room.

The Impulso Architect App is Artnovion’s third acoustic analysis app and allows the detailed analysis which is required by architects. Artnovion’s two other apps, Impulso and Impulso Pro, are also available to download from the App Store.

‘Sound is an audacious and powerful living element. An element that shapes the perception of our universe and embraces our senses. Curious about this elegant interaction I have nurtured a passion for sound ever since I can

Driven by the challenges of unravelling the mysteries of sound, I have been travelling through an extraordinary life journey of studying, imagining and creating acoustic innovation.

Artnovion has become my life’s mission, the canvas I created to share this journey with you.’ – Jorge Castro, CEO

For more information, please go to https://www.artnovion.com/impulso





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